Meet With Daff Poem by Asimuzzaman Asim

Meet With Daff

Don't stroll around without a reason,
Remain at home for some days,
She is franckly alike a book of poem,
Silently make out her,
Nobody will even churn your hand,
If you unveil your arms to everyone,
This burg undergo a new maiden culture, my friend
conjoin them all from a margin,

There are heap of twist afore in life
Someone or the other will set foot or wend,
The one who outworn you from their bosom,
With devotion you can be able to misprize them
Sometimes your fineness behind the visor,
Could be crock in a romantic dress,
When I doll up and go out
You should waft with me.

She isn't maskless like the phoebe
That a aspect from you won't have any impact,
Don't pry her with so much zeal
Not for so long.

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