Memories Poem by Sana Ashher


Memories are stagnant pieces of facts
That lie hidden and forgotten
In your head
Some are fake, some fresh and some ugly
Fake memories confuse you
Fresh memories amuse you
And ugly memories destroy you
The more you are free, the more you remember
The more you remember
The more they haunt you
And day by day you try to forget
The things that happened in the past
You think you can live
You can move on
You can fight
Fight things in your head
Fight with your own self
And try to convince yourself
That its all gone
All forgotten
All defunct
Some memories you deny
Some memories you accept
But the bitter truth is
Its all there
Even if you don't know it, believe it or accept it
Memories will always be there
Waiting in your head to be remembered again
Time flies away and hides from you your memories
Until on some holiday
When you are sitting free
Some memories start to float back into your head
And take you to days forgotten
To life which was lived
Promises made, promises broken
Memories haunt you, destroy you
And sometimes even convince you
That all that has happened, has happened for a purpose
You don't know that purpose
You are not aware of it
All you know is that
Nothing was ever in your control
All that happened had to happen
Whether you like it or not
It happened in the best possible way
You may regret the things of past
You may weep
But always remember
There is a plan
You don't know it now
But it will unfold with time
Until one day you will see and accept
Everything just the way it is
Memories haunt you
But only if you let them
Memories destroy you
Only if you are negative
Memories may look like a curse
Memories are still just memories

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