Memory Of Silence And Sadistic Parametres (I) Poem by Tunji Ibrahim

Memory Of Silence And Sadistic Parametres (I)

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Memory of silence and sadistic parametres. History of grave human rights violations is not far from the picture. There are episodes of rape, molestation, humiliation and terror. Rape is a crime of shame, and shame is universal. A Nigerian University lady was raped by two male friends. A South African lady being raped by four men suffered a horrendous death out of shock and dehydration. A poor little Japanese girl, who was kidnapped and gang-raped for 44 days, died of the injuries inflicted on her. In Steubenville, Ohio, two minors drugged a 16-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her, urinating on her unconscious moribund body, abandoning her at the end of the night at her parents's house. There are cases of doctors having canal knowledge of their patients before performing illegal abortions on them. Rapists are all faggots with morbid fascination and priapism. They are so sexually repressed that they will be prompted to rape even an old frumpy woman. For crimes such as this, especially in cases where rape leads to death, one will be quick to vote for a real mode of painful execution, a slow and painful death, a horrified journey that could never occur too soon.

Tunji Ibrahim

Tunji Ibrahim

Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.
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