My Apple Tree Poem by Tunji Ibrahim

My Apple Tree

Rating: 4.0

Equipped with exquisite madness and enthusiasm to explore my source of love through your coming in a myriad of varied and unvaried beautiful flowers with beautiful smell in moments of real bounty of affections, whence I literally have consumed me by the voracious heart laid bare with the nakedness of love... the knowledge thereof comes fully to play, bouncing me from bone to flesh, from mind to heart, from soul to eternity, my state of being redefined... kind, gentle and loving. Let the blood dripping from your heart be water, and let me drink you with orgiastic love. When distance sets us apart, our hearts connect through some sweet memory of sweet loving, overwhelmed by the mild touch of tenderness... too honest to feign the feelings that cannot be felt. Swathed within the warmth of your beauty, burning through the sun with the genial fire of romance, through the generous spread of your arms revolving round the jollity of the moon with quiet firmness; swallowed up by the unusual touch of passion and desire, comforting me with the kisses of heaven through the fullness of your lips, lying all night between your fresh apples, wet with the dew of ecstasy... savouring your delectable freshness between the pillars of heaven with great delight... I'm all yours as you be all mine. Let the world fly away, let the sky vanish, let every other element prove transient, most overtly remain is my apple tree... having surrendered me unto you with all the weight of the earth, dipping my heart in the vastness of ocean, drenching you with the water of love, snowballing into the whole cast of orgasm, with impeccable molasses of merging two hearts as one.


Pregnant with passion that runs like a river and flows like a fountain. Well done my friend!

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Kelvin Owusu 19 November 2012

this is a beautiful piece, easier to read, had a nice sound good work

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Unwritten Soul 18 November 2012

Tunji..this is a nice and nice work! ! ! but i will like more if you make in sentence by sentence not continuously line..Anyway Tunji..This is awesome u know..keep it up_Soul

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 16 November 2012

Tunji, this is a very beautiful poem. As usual, here you have displayed your great mastery of the English language. The poetic and romantic heart of the poet can be read through clear images. But again, I would really suggest that you give readers time to pause by putting your lines into verses which will give the readers like me a good time to digest all the wonderful images you capture in very good sentences and phrases. Take care.

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Christina Williams 16 November 2012

Aww, I thought the poem was sweet and awesome. My interpretation of the poem is let me be your everything and no matter how dark life is or how many things disappear in your life you want that one person to be apart of you. Anyways, thanks for sharing to poem with me and for writing this poem. Keep up the good work. :)

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Tunji Ibrahim

Tunji Ibrahim

Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.
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