Damini Saga Poem by Tunji Ibrahim

Damini Saga

Rating: 4.8

Damini, symbolically named... Promising, exuberant, young and stunningly beautiful. Her overwhelming sense of fun parted in a woebegone day when the devils flashed a demoniacally cold smile at their preys. Damini, like Sanyogita Dharamsingh, made a gallant attempt to win the notorious war against her fate. The maniacally moving bus would not screech to a halt. Replete with the devil's will, the six wolves in human skin bludgeoned her male compatriot... comatose and gammy... and took lascivious rounds of macabre penetration, the hapless victim suffocating pathetically between the sickening iron rod of the lotharios and their monster nutshuts alike, massively suffering brain, gastrointestinal and genital damages, climaxed the fatal emergence of cerebral edema. The gorgeous princess faded away unprepared, leaving her gorgeous king and the gorgeous palace far behind. Unequivocally, the six hoodoos did their damnest. Spare a monster and dig your grave. The simian and garbled barks of berks and their visible inadequacies must not strangle the breath of justice. Naming anti-rape law after her might suffice to spring up a wave of honour. But the real honour lies in the face of justice, the intrinsic dignity of the law of universal validity.

Goodness Tchibueze 03 February 2013

...reminds me of that heart-soring incident in India... Spare a monster and dig your grave That's what happens when justice is delayed or denied... I pray that such incident will never occur again anywhere!

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Unwritten Soul 29 January 2013

It is a dark saga and it has covered all colors and fused in black..a write to think, good job! _Soul

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Kelvin Owusu 23 January 2013

excellent read, beautiful yet sad piece, change is what we all yearn for yet change is sort out by the need of changing others and neglecting our faults. for change to take place one must change there negative outlook

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Tunji Ibrahim

Tunji Ibrahim

Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.
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