To The Princess Poem by Tunji Ibrahim

To The Princess

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My pen is thirsty. And word is water. I am buried in poetic idiolects, and resurrected through the seraphism of your perfected being. Don't listen to the symbolic roar of my words. My mindset can meticulously be read with the loud silence of a princess. I am furnished with word weaponry to possess the whole damn twinkling eyes, and lift me high with philosophical totality as being proverbially glued unto your syntactic glossy lips, with inseparable wonders of siamese twins. The strips of your hair are much as pronominal cases of blazing stars. Don't let me die of curiosity. Kiss my heart and touch me idyllically with poetic romance. Light me in the dark belly of your metaphorical shadow. Brighten my day with grammatical seduction. Shove me into the water of sentient heaven. Empty the vocabulary of kisses on my virgin lips. Span my brain with the idiomatic pregnancy of your poetic smile until my heart is pulsating with the semantic birth of your smashing womanness and elegance.

Unwritten Soul 18 January 2013

you having glowing idea and it flows in your poem, really a good one Tunji, keep writing! _Soul

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Jahan Zeb 18 January 2013

Interesting poem in nice style. Empty the vocabulary of kisses on my virgin lips Very imaginative

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Valsa George 19 January 2013

You dazzle the readers with your wonderful vocabulary! ! Keep writing and baffle the readers with still wonderful ideas! !

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Wow, I admire your language, the language of poetry. Keep on posting and keep on writing poetic gems!

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Patricia Grantham 30 January 2013

Wow, I love this poem, very breatkteaking! I am winded just reading it Good write thanks

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Poetheart Morgan 24 January 2013

I 'm dizzy poet, with his words. Deep an metaphorical.

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Kelvin Owusu 23 January 2013

excellent write very metaphysical great work

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Valerie Dohren 20 January 2013

Very wordy which is somewhat baffling, but underneath lies an inspired poetic write.

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Tunji Ibrahim

Tunji Ibrahim

Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.
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