Men Have Ovaries

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There hidden in the abdomen
Are two glands in men
Poised along side the urinary tract
Located in the lower back
Never noticed until old age
Then difficulties engage
First one discovers that the passing
Of a bit of urine, called micturing
Comes a bit slow and with pain for some
As the glands enlarge and become troublesome.
Women have their own complaints
Hot flashes and ants in their pants
While men just suffer through
The aging process that's due.

The prostrate was proposed by Darwin
To be the ovaries twin
Glands that have by Nature been discarded
When Sex it self was started
Now another function comes to mind
To enrich Doctors and the pharmaceutical kind
Who find ways to address
The daily and nocturnal stress
If pills don't work then the scalpel slash
Will remove the problem in a flash.
Some propose to let the issue lie
For sooner or later you will die.
So men and women if you please
Blame Mother Nature for the 'disease'
Maybe Darwin was a bit incorrect
But why quibble? What the heck
He put his finger on the source
Of man's incontinence.

Dee Daffodil 12 May 2006

Sidi...Hmmm...we write that which we know...I'm thinking you have a background in biology...if not medicine. Well done! ! Hugs, Dee

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Martin Turner 28 January 2006

Very informative. (Very informative - I must write twenty characters!) .

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