Mental Patience Poem by Mwenyeji Spikes

Mental Patience

Rating: 5.0

I had conspired to conceive,
But instead I got inspired to deliver,
My relatives were sick and tired of waiting
So when I delivered, I gave them something sick,

Thoughts would flow like a river,
As I inked harsh words ready to deliver,
Morning pains would come even in the evening,
But that wasn't to stop me

I stayed up late, restless like a mental patient
But I had resilience and the mental patience
..not lots of pennies to deliver to my Greedy producer

But I knew that one day I would break chains,
Like I just had medusa, flip my wings and fly
High like Amarios, with flow deeper than cherry,
I defended and striked like Terry
Till Ross and Weezy, thought I was John
But I kept going strong

When I pushed, I heard Doctors screaming like Dre
My producer gave me beats like dre,
Ear muffs was all I heard, not beats by Dre,
Kicks and snares hit me ba-dre
Almost made me miscarry my ambition,
But I had to deliver on the MIC, represent for the poets, the thugs & the gangsta wannabes
Now the fake mC's cant nurse this ill
They wanna know how I make them clean dollar bills

I feel high like that lady on her heels
& feel inspired when I see haters take to their heels,
All they lacked was MENTAL PATIENCE

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