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A simple being, hero in the classrooms,
Pen and lesson plans are his tools
In imparting knowledge to his learners
a father/ mother of almost sixty.

Though artificial but geniune,
Though not a human but has brain,
Though no emotions but teach how to emote,
Though not eating but teach how to cook,

The warmth of the light, making the world so bright,
The majesty of the sky for the birds to fly,
The calm and quiet sea setting part the land in the lea,
The generous souls of moon, stars and sun for human fun,

Sounds no one heard but me,
shriek of woes excruciating survival,
the heads recoil sipping juice of no residue,
tentacles move invisibly possessing even every grains left,

Don't you ever feel?
God's blessing in the air?
Don't you ever smell?
God's blessing in our meal?

Father, mother, sister rolled into one,
nanny, lover, helper and adviser,
caretaker, watchmaker, great planner,
an innovator, inventor, trainer,

Is it guilty to tell the truth?
Is it guilty if you stand for it?
The truth they said will set you free.
Yet, they force you to say,

I watched the clouds
and it watch me too,
I talked to him but gently flow
he waves farewell in my head above,

Such irresistible twins,
Shadowing each other,
One can't make it,
Others can't do it.

Different work of world,
Telling me paradise,
When its totally rubbish,
Telling me heaven, \when its the hell.

A climate change,
do you mean a thing?
Al Gore' s phenomena,
planted in my stamina,

Lights illuminates the furrows in my head,
Lights of hope and dream comes true,
Many years of a desire and aspiration,
Many times being buried- the desire of fire,

Everyday is a challenge,
If you could spare a prayer,
In a minute of silence,
If you can give your wisdom,

To search your beginning said they,
would be a mortal sin to me,
but could my brain stop pondering?
as everyone has its beginning?

The said the Bible for a teacher,
I started my way to discover,
I labor days and nights,
Weeks to months, and found no lights,

I like noise of my choice,
the lullaby of my mother's voice,
the chirping of birds as they rejoice,
the stamping of the candidates in poise,

Its June 30 today
The moment of 'someday'
For people like me
Craving for hopes

The breath-taking view the soul of tranquility,
Bringing you to the land of mystic and fairy,
Yet you're awake in broady light to reality,
Its granduer and glory is beyond our beauty.

Quietude of the ancient,
Chaotic lea of survival,
Fear murks in each mortal,
The quest for wisdom begins.

To honesty, fairness is Fair,
To sincerity, fairness is Accuracy,
To integrity, fairness is Absolute!

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Hero In The Classroom

A simple being, hero in the classrooms,
Pen and lesson plans are his tools
In imparting knowledge to his learners
a father/ mother of almost sixty.

Teaching children of not his blood,
Nurturing then of knowledge flood,
Burning midnight candles,
Doesn't matter all,
their achievements are his goal.

Addressing different learning styles,
With various teaching aids on files,
Preparing a friendly atmosphere,
Even none from his relatives care.

The forgotten hero in the classroom,
Toiling overtime forgetting time,
You wonder he is paid under time,
Job unrecognized, being late recognized.

Shock absorber of children's home dilemma,
Protector of children's right,
One lose footing is and err to faulty eyes,
the blame of one, an eraser of myriad works.

He is a hero, the invincible child's dream designer,
His music is the melodious children's laughter,
His destiny is to deal a challenge every year,
His joy is the star of diploma in each students' finger.

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Jhon Gabreza 14 April 2012

Every single day is valuable to human, so we will not waste it. For it is God' s creation, it is sacred. Submitted by: Jhon Rey Mark G. Gabreza

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Jhon Gabreza 14 April 2012

Every single day is valuable to human, so we will not waste it. For it is God' s creation, it is sacred. Submitted by: Jhon Rey Mark G. Gabreza

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Luzel Galupo 30 March 2012

yes its true that even its only a gadget its useful

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Roy Albinda 28 March 2012

OHh yeah... Even it is just a gadget but it is very useful... But sometimes it has a disadvantages that can cause bad to our health... We need to limit our time in front of computer to avoid it's disadvantages..

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Angel Macalaba 22 January 2010

love can really change everything.. it chooses anyone.. it gives us light, , life, , and hope.. every thing can happen..

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Susan T. Aparejo Quotes

'Anger is a self defense of your unsuccessful aim'

True love will glitter in the dark, glimmers at dusk, sparkles your eyes, colors the world, a music to your ears that brings joy to your heart.

Failures are the essence of Success

Being successful is ignoring the flies around you and being deaf of criticism.

Leadership is bowing to the lowest rank and file employees in an organization.

Promotion is the prize of hardwork, patience and creativity. If you are promoted without these, then that is bribery, dishonesty and treachery.

Share your talents and skills to younger generation in order to leave a legacy of endless glory.

Best friends are your enemies in the day but your soft pillows in the dark.

An enemy ruins your day, wrecks your dream and shatters your plans and reputation. But after the flow of events, you will treasure his presence in your life.

An aversion to a person is a taste of unified principle until the clashes finally end, you will realize he/she is your true friend and protector.

Helping people truly is a virtue of geniune service.

Christmas is the song of children's joy and the beginning of children's wish

Nature's beauty is the priceless view that everyone never notice until he/she forgets about money.

Prayer and determination equal success.

Gossip is the art of killing invisibly a person of your aversion.

Gossip is the final sword of someone's insecurity.

Living simply and peacefully is a little heaven of Earth.

Insecurity is the brother of jealousy.

When a person dies, all his/her good deeds will be remembered; an irony when he/she is still alive.

' Failures are ladders of success'.

' Failures are the stairways to triumph and victory'

Jealousy takes many forms and features. The most visible is, the flattery in ironic way.

There are two reasons for silence; the first is to prevail peace and the other is to achieve peace.

Silence is the panacea to trouble.

Courage is the fire in your journey to reach your life's goal.

Beauty is the special vision invisible to someone who detests its existence.

Not all who said they are our families are ours. Sometimes there are those around us who who are not related to us but they act and care more than our blood.

Dream is a death of the night.

The coward has the bravest soul to fight his own nerve to get calm during the critical moment of adversary.

Our greatest mistake is when we believe the flattery of the other people at the time of our acceleration.

You have believed you are the best and finest, until you have met the best and finest.

Pain kills once you 're not strong to pin it to the ground burying its sting and poisoning its origin.

Silence is a peaceful panacea to backbiters

Silence is the key to successful fight.

Success is not measured on trophies and plaques. It is measured on the contentment of your own life.

Miracles happen everyday. Just count such blessings and you can realize there are miracles.

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Susan T. Aparejo Popularity

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