Mercy And Grace And Hope Poem by Frank (Black) Blacharczyk

Mercy And Grace And Hope

How many times have you spoken to me
And I pretended not to listen
Even tapped me on the shoulder a time or two
I looked the other way pretending not to feel it
A little suffering to get my attention
But you always rescued me and I knew it
I didn't want to admit it
I was losing to a fool's dream
I ran here I ran there like a convict escaping from jail
Even in my escape looking for a hideout
the hounds could be heard getting closer
Like a criminal you handcuffed me
with mercy and grace and hope
And released me like Noah's dove
And I went looking for an olive branch
Confusion was my enemy so I prayed
So I prayed for an answer
And what was your answer
And you sent me those whose roof was the sky
Their bed of concrete and any spare change sounded
like manna from heaven
You called me back and I picked up the phone
To hear Your voice again

Frank Black Blacharczyk
(July 9 2020)

Chinedu Dike 12 June 2022

Really, a stimulating composition nicely crafted with deep insight.

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