My Name Is David Poem by Frank (Black) Blacharczyk

My Name Is David

I gathered five stones for the fight of my life
only needed one the right one to win
I was a shepherd anointed to be king
young and handsome against a Goliath
arrogant and loud he spoke with so much venom
in despair everyone ran away as faith hid behind fear
friends took one look at me and laughed
had too much pride for my size they ridiculed
but I had faith no turning back
a belief I could win evil would not prevail
looked bad for me man's armour would not fit
it was like carrying the weight of the world

without hesitation faith as my shield
death smiles impatiently waiting for anyone someone
to be released from their earthly costume
I ran to do battle to be written in blood
he wore sword spear and javelin a fearful sight
along the way I picked up five smooth stones
and put one in my sling always looking up
meanwhile he clearly spoke with confidence
of my coming death and dismemberment
he drew with words a painting a self-portrait
the results of his handiwork on my body
I told him my faith will win the day
that evil will be be-headed he lunged at me
my stone left my sling and he was silenced
evil was be-headed by a shepherd, a smooth stone
and God

Frank Black Blacharczyk

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: courage,faith,hope,strength,belief
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