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The spilled silver of moon
over a distanced lake,
in the still of night.
A boy mounted at the edge of boat

fallen leaves rumbled
under the cart wheel, silent
alley to village.

A man stands at window, watches a tree
thrusting its outline in the sunbeams
The sunrays roll down the leaves,
in all splendour.

in the gloomy interface
as the light recede, serpent of dark crawls idly
deep into the night.

Crescent moon wanders
in search of its remains
at the edge of wood
a white trail of cart track

Enveloped with their absence
gripping the slippery hands strongly,
they walk to mountain
wind breezes past insanely.


the spread out yellow
echoes in the stolid eye
a flushing harvest.

shadows from the day, dust laden
tied loosely to the sound of footfall
enter the house.
The shadows dissemble and spill

White flakes settle
on the firewood
crimson tale of morning

The wandering moon is caught
amongst the tree tops on a hill
A shrinking rivulet flows
as a thin staff of an old man

ink spills in water
whirling cloud of smoke leaps up
erupting volcano.

Came lazy and stretched summer afternoon
Nothing to do, you chase a butterfly
Its wings swiftly flutters
Balancing the load of sunrays

Blinded by sight i look into things
being in it or rather too close to it
i obstruct the view.
I arrange it, it shatters

The lengthening shadows of the figures
slowly merge with the dark of night,
in the oblivious distinction
you cling to the extreme periphery of an


the stationary hands arranged obliquely
in space, trying to hold the falling breath.
words, through porous fingers
clutching the web rolls down the faded red,


Dreams drifts on chirps
in search of a inflated call
deep in the morning's interface
light shadows the frilled sheet.

Shivering too is lonely
quite possible let it be
the undulating light on water puddle
too does not have much.

A droplet of rain
rolls on the curves of a leaf
a bird swirls its neck.

sweat trickles on cheek
rolls sharp, an ill defined line
in shivering dusk.

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The spilled silver of moon
over a distanced lake,
in the still of night.
A boy mounted at the edge of boat
dips his foot,
tearing apart the silver and solitude,
torn sheet quivers momentarily
The widening circles of ripples.

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Michael Oliver 03 June 2021

You certainly have not lost your touch dear Doctor. You never fail - and this one opens up the doors of infinity

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Susan Eltone 07 August 2012

The Other Tranparency; Good use of metaphor, nicely done. Stay in Touch, Eltone

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Wabi Sabi 07 February 2012

you are a beautiful writer. you provokes me into what it is like about what you have written, bringing fantasy.

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Simran Arora 02 January 2012

u r born 2 b a poet.

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