Joe Nemeth

Metamorphosis - Poem by Joe Nemeth

Silk worm weaves a delicate and vital cocoon,
Makes you wonder, if he knows what’ll happen soon.
I know I do, to change so drastically and never be the same,
Thrown off my mortal aim, Outta the frying pan and into the flame.

I can’t say she hasn’t changed me, during her mind-game killing spree,
Outta the cocoon I’m free, cast out on the torturous sea,
Even though I’m something I never wanted to be, the old me I’ll never see,
Lost my sense of duty, been brought down to one knee.

I guess you could say now I’m street-smart,
But that’s just a flattering way to say I’ve lost my heart,
I guess you could say now I’m a new man,
Crawled Outta the fire, but still I landed in the frying pan.

Escape was my goal, but I never factored in the toll,
Lost my proud role, I just don’t feel whole,
Back in control, but at the cost of a part of my soul,
I want back what she stole, wanna know what’s meant to fill the hole.

Doubt that I’ll honestly ever forgive her,
For her influence, and this mentality transfer,
But despite how much I try and convince myself I hate,
The opposite affliction is my state, permanently embedded trait.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 8, 2010

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