Joe Nemeth

Her Song - Poem by Joe Nemeth

I guess, when the two of us met, I was a bit hesitant,
But the midnight talks and hour-long walks, ‘till we were just like family,
A new idol, yet in my comfort I never knew what it meant,
In my newfound content I'd never see just what you were poised to do to me.

Slowly and subtly so I didn't see it, things here changed,
You had a plan here all along, you wanted to take control,
I saw soon but I'd never understand, tell myself maybe you were deranged...
So I hold on, didn't fight back while you put me in this submissive role.

Subliminal, now I can feel this disruptive change in the flow,
This divide, set you a step up over me, in this new age,
I'm in this cage but the doors not locked, maybe I should just go,
But I can still see the old you, even though she's fled off-stage

Staying here, even though I'm filled with fear, I'm gonna wait for you,
Refusing to admit whats going on, still filled with some chaotic aftershock,
Couldn't ever leave my friend, even in the face of what she could do,
Still by her side with this wounded pride, while she clicks shut that lock.

Metaphorical chains, now all I wanna do when I see you is break free,
But you've won this war, so take your sick 'n' sadistic prize,
Down here I stay, locked up in my cage, with you sitting on your throne over me,
All the love and respect I gave to you, and now I've finally met my demise.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 8, 2010

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