Middle East Confusions Poem by Tajudeen Shah

Middle East Confusions

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Lebnon did bleed for ages,
So did Palestine and Israle.
Arab Spring inspired Egypt
And Lybia to hatch red dreams
On the streets and sandy caves,
Where families lost sole souls.
Syria suffocated by forces alien,
Or children within?
Iran, Iraq and Kuwait all have
Still their marks ON their faces,
Where furrows are full with
Hollow skulls and broken ribs.
Behold! Darkness does engulf
This planet from all directions,
Even the Sun and Moon left her
To merciless manipulators.

one from hundreds of confusions, cultural, social, emotional, political and religious that do still keep burning in the middle east...
Valsa George 05 October 2013

War mongers and perpetrators of violence are never sorry for what they do. Middle East is now the most seriously affected part, but unfortunately no where, real peace resides and the entire world is vulnerable to mounting violence! Darkness does engulf this planet from all directions! ! Powerful write! !

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Farah Ilyas 01 October 2013

Hai sadeo se laho- lohan, Labnan, phalasteen aur misar... hai Arab mumalik, misle Misar ah'ho baka ke dagar.... Lubia k hai b hai kwab surk khoon se tar _ba_ tar.... muhale ho ya ya retli karo'n me... khandano k ghum _ ghasta wahad saharo me... din ur rat k ujalo me... sham pe na_manos taqto k dum-sadhne wale burtao me... bacho ke cheko_pukar k ah'hate me.. Iran, Iraq o kuwaait tu apne chehre pe nishan rkte hai.. lekin in ki bud_haleo me... khokli kopteo aur toti hadeo se khait sajaye jate hai.. apno ke jano k bech boh k, aman ke umed k phal ugaye jate hai..... tamam simto se is ajram_e_falki pe.. chand aur suraj b is sitam-gher saz bauz per tars nhe khate... hewano ko darandgi krne k leye azad chor jate hai. loved ur poem, unveiled the injustice behaviour prevailed on Arab countries, so beautifully n truly.. i have translated it as it is , though included additional verses where i felt need... thanks for sharing

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