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No One Has Resemblance To His Eyes...........

Nothing else resembles his lovely eyes...........
His eyes behind glasses, flower's dye.............

No one has resemblance to his eyes...........

'When Love Strikes'

On the sea shores…
looking forward to sail on more

Our body wrapped by moonlight, rocked

When All World Left Me Alone

when i feel alone and all ways seem to me drown..
i want to; from heaven some one's mercy thrown....

then ALLAH is there

What Her Right? ? ?

Her beauty i describe,
i lack words but i want use words right snow
when it falls on her face
i cant descriminate which one is white....


Memories of yours gnawing my mind..
Holds my heart & dispersed on ground..
Everyday this dread, I don’t want to rewind..
But you & your belongings,

Farah Ilyas Comments

Payal Parande 26 October 2013

when you see someone beautiful you can't forget that persons face, when you hear a beautiful voice you can't forget that persons voice, and when you'll read Farah Ilyas's poem you won't be able to forget her, and i guarantee you that...she have magic in her words that will keep you spellbounded love you didi love payal

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