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Big bang!
In void's lab did happen
Such an awful explosion;
So is it fixed in human.

Rustling over the dense green
And driving off a day's sheen,
Comes here the dark rain
That might flush all the plain.

An intelligent soul,
A sharp observer,

They are many and varied,
Some are cute and tarried.
Some are very much fond
And often do they haunt

Still and radiant backwater visage
Had adornments of morning majesty;
Fading off to the green inland.
Many a freshwater fish still in trance

Why blame the youth,
Who is familiar not with
The ways of life you had in the past,
Who is not fed with

Mosquitoes, Bugs, Beatles and Gnats,
Ants, Spiders, Rats, Snakes and cockroaches
All have got immune to the most toxins ever.
Epidemics have grown into Pandemics,

Nature remains bathed
In tolerance's glory,
Man has learnt
Perseverance and forgiveness.

Well, You and your thoughts
Make my inner- waves flow off
Unto some abyss of silence absolute
And chillness horrendous.

She is pregnant,
Yes, she has always been
Conceiving and delivering;
The worth of Man and Nature,

Man was blind in and out,
Even with eyes sharp and senses blessed.
Ages of wandering, crossing earth-skirts,
In pursuit of caves, leaves, fish and animals,

I breathed in pain for ages,
She blazed in adversities,
Consoled each other dreaming
Of becoming soul mates in future.

The first raindrop on my nose tip
Landed after her long-fated trip!
A crystal crown at first-fall emerged,
And many a rainbows blossomed!

Don’t be nervous,
Nor do you grieve,
Oh, Bard, soothe,
In life’s destined gloom.

Lotus, whose sapless roots
Deep in stream’s muddy soul,
When lost the mossy bond below
Is turned gray in deeper gloom.

As salaam, I have tried to translate your poem.............and have tried to keep the words and form same as much as possible in Urdu....hope you like it...........I have given a list of words with meanings....

Darakht - E- Waqt

Impressed, and sit wondering
At concerns honest and serious
Of the bards blessed, in issues
Of today; Burning and appalling.

Yes, Slow and consistent,
Keeps the earth young.
Man too can traverse

The winter sun looks haunted
By some gloom implicit,
Or an early full moon lost
Her way in clouds' wilderness!

The first morn’s yellow flames pulsated
Over the sliver sky’s infinite flank.
Adam, the blessed father of mankind,
Opened his wheat-toned eye lids;

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in pursuit of truths beyond maxims.)

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The Shortest Epic.

Big bang!
In void's lab did happen
Such an awful explosion;
So is it fixed in human.

Had her course so cryptic
Through caverns pure and static,
Though often seems pragmatic.

Angels boasted, of purity
Jinns too, of versatility,
But liked not man's divinity.

Having lost the seat blessed,
Adam in repentance traversed,
Others, in turns, all sauntered.

Since origin is she chaste,
Still stand even the outcast,
But, adore not any holocaust!

Of Greed and feud shall all wander,
Intruding other's boarder,
Will find life and death harder.

The Supreme Being so Benign,
Of compassion do all align.

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