Memory Birds. Poem by Tajudeen Shah

Memory Birds.

Rating: 5.0

They are many and varied,
Some are cute and tarried.
Some are very much fond
And often do they haunt
As single, and in band
With many a verse to chant.
By nature are they sweet,
Some do stink, some cheat.
In brainy branches dwell,
Wake up when we smell
Blooms, bread and kernel,
Or when does toll a knell.
With gentle rosy beak
Do some make us weak
As soul’s turf gets bled
Of past pain and dread.
Beyond science they cure
And make one live so pure,
Facing fights of life sure
For ages free from fear.
When winter comes closer
Do they migrate farther,
But not the endless miles
Ever do fade their smiles.
In shape and force the same
Should one keep his name,
Both in shame and fame
Must fly in delight’s claim.

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: memory
the story of the dead, living and the unborn.
Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 24 April 2014

Lovely and fascinating.. i shall endorse more...10 Birds do migrate And relate True hardship And companionship It is their love and resolve That solves Life time problem For breeding and concerning them

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 25 April 2014

so wonderfully penned life's journey through sun and rain!

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Akhtar Jawad 24 October 2014

Memories are like birds, some are ugly some are beautiful but we live with both..............10

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Susan Wall 01 May 2014

you nailed that one with truth great truth and its excellent poem.

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Bri Edwards 01 May 2014

you requested that i read this and another of your poems, which i am glad to do. but i have 'trouble' with several parts. some of what you write, i don't understand and some words i believe are improperly used. if you ask me to spend more time on this, i will try to take the time later. i believe a lot of the problem(s) has to do with lack of experience with english. forgive me if i am wrong (i think forgive me, but i'm not sure i need to be forgiven) i DO like the rhyming, but i would often rather understand a poem better and have fewer rhymes in the poem. thanks for sharing. bri :)

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Yash Shinde 29 April 2014

Do they migrate farther, But not the endless miles Ever do fade their smiles. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A hidden message for mankind! ................Don't be overwhelmed by difficulties, face them with a smile! ..... kudos! ....

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Valsa George 28 April 2014

Memories of the dead and the living like birds 'in brainy branches dwell'....(I enjoyed that usage) Some are painful, some are pleasurable... some heal us of our wounds... Memories may fly from us like migratory birds... but they won't tarry for long! Some how, we have to live through life with all these memories... both painful and pleasant...! A great write! !

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