Milk Cows For Methane: Maximize Profits Poem by Terence Craddock

Milk Cows For Methane: Maximize Profits

all profit corporations should love cows
never calling in sick missing a day at work
efficient workers producing healthy foods

milk or cheese both good for strong healthy bones
daily on time with impeccable time management skills
same pecking order twice daily walking to cow sheds

milked twice each day giving quality fresh milk
chickens produce daily give one egg much less bulk
chickens cluck take up less space not dove eyed hulk

cows four stomachs each fart burps methane gas
collect cow pats emissions in cowshed convert to cash
love cows in fields even shit makes fresh green grass

cow methane is a gas monetary profit all wasted
instead of washing cow waste off into drains rivers
collect in storage tanks use methane to power farms

maximize cow profits collect cow waste at milking sheds
store in tanks use this free methane instead of electricity
to increase profits power up farm milking shed operations

cow methane utilized not wasted good for environment
NZ Labour Party fails to; use waste protect environment
instead NZ Labour Party will give 140 million tax payers

dollars to foreign owned Glenbrook steal plant replacing
generating plant with electric powered furnace halving
coal used at Glenbrook steal plant to recycle scrap steel

Labour boasts electricity from renewables not coal reduces
kiwi emissions by 1% equivalent takes 300,000 cars off road
company pays the other 160 million costs but wait folks

its a scam does nothing for global environment why because
this foreign company is building a new bigger 1 billion dollar
coal furnace overseas increasing its coal global carbon footprint

methane is a hazardous air pollutant powerful greenhouse gas
80 times more potent at warming climate than carbon dioxide
yes NZ Labour Party did not miss boat invested in Titanic oops

Labour is steaming into an ice berg investing zero dollars
into wise project dairy farm storage tanks for dairy cows
waste effectively reduces cow methane gas to environment

NZ green party crowed about Glenbrook steal plant electricity
furnace left green faced 1 billion new coal furnace company
builds overseas blinker blind to stopping methane at cowsheds

the moral of the story is the NZ Labour Party missed the boat
gave away 140 million tax payer dollars to a foreign company
instead of investing wisely helping NZ farming dairy industry

instead adding fertilizer taxes emissions taxes hitting farmers
repeatedly with shifty legislation turning farms into carbon
credit pine plantations achieving over 20% kiwi food inflation

kiwi fruit veg farm products priced off table eat grass bugs policy?
Labour continues to heat up environment with war on cows farmers?
wise government would invest in food energy production efficiency?

Terence George Craddock (Afterglows Echoes Of Starlight)
Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Split image from the poem 'Corporations Should Love Cows', by the poet Terence George Craddock. Written January 2014 & May 2023 on the 4.1.2014&25.5.2023.
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