Mind - An Ocean Poem by PRAVEEN KUMAR English Poems

Mind - An Ocean

Thoughts roll on the shores of life
By the force of emotional winds
And roll back to the oceanic plane
Of blue oblivion to rise once more,
Rolls after rolls in unending rolls,
Day and night and year after year,
All through the life of oceanic mind.

Most level the sand, break the bund,
A few overflow deep across the land
And uproot whatever comes in front,
Takes them to grave of oceanic depth,
So, never again that surfaces on life;
Some like tsunami flood for miles
To leave back ruins and devastations.

When comes what wave at what height,
When it rises at what great thrust,
None forecast that nature's secret;
Ocean is treasure, ocean, graveyard,
Ocean at depth, vast world itself,
Mightier than the shores around,
That it devastates at free will.

Shores remain on the mercy of oceans,
Oceans build bridges ‘tween lands,
Oceans succour lands, or deluge them
Without a reason or cause to back,
But for flames hot within its womb,
Hidden from shores to naked eyes;
Mind overwhelms realities of life.

No embankment of will can stall it,
No moral walls or social calls
Withstand floods of human thoughts;
They roll, and simply play havoc
And leaves back unfamiliar world
Of altered moods and attitudes
To draw a different blueprint.

Mind is as vast, and as deep,
Mind is as quiet, and as clear,
And as rough and turbulent,
Rich of all, also death-traps,
As oceans are, in its essence;
Mind invisd, moulds life,
And also guides future ahead.

Mind is an ocean of aquatic worms,
Those run from depths at their will;
A few are sweet, but most, poisonous,
Unless human will properly handles;
They jump on shores, creep on sands
And sting poisons to kill alive
Unless thrown back to ocean's depth.

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