Mirror Poem by Corazone Aquino



At the shores of river Twity,
Where I sought for rebirth and solitude,
The sun was warm and the breeze light and chilly.
I was searching far from ambitious thoughts that often intrude.

The warmth of her drawing being,
Aroused my quiet soul, her breath inching every closer.
Her shadow fell over and sharply cut through the sweet solitude,
My left turned to fingers gently clasping my shoulders like a fitting bracelet.

I was looking right through me.
Every orange red glow of the setting sun deeply scanning,
Breathing life, fire, fierce finesse through her lost pitiful eyes,
From her pores hidden wells of love steadily pouring into hollowness.

She had so much unlived her in her,
She had created rabbles from the golden creation she is.
Inside her there was a model that had been crippled in the hunt,
A poet gagged with fear and doubt and a dancer crawling in painful search,

I was searching for me,
In the father that believed not in stockings or jewellery.
In the absent mother who showed up just to say keep it up or stop!
In the constant reminder that a first child`s life is prescribed by gods unfairly.

I am looking for the other me.
The diva in blue hair yellow shoes and deep laughter,
The hidden skimpy dancer with sexy moves and sassy tremors,
I am looking for the person in me, that was killed in `poisonous pedagogy`

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: pain
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