Remind Me Ones More Poem by Corazone Aquino

Remind Me Ones More

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Tell me about God again I seem to have forgotten,
Was it just yesterday at noon, or was it illusion,
Head hanging on the staircase in pain and guilt,
I felt His palm hold my heart a balm of ease,
A tight tender squeeze and priceless deep token,

Oh how it felt peace calm and new on my aching soul,
My frozen heart leapt with life and melted like ice,
Yes, I praised His name and whispered vows and glory,
Glory be to the lamb who was who is and who lives,
I felt Him smile upon me warmth as I promised to return,

But today dear brother, today I feel cold in my heart again,
Seven Sabbaths have come and gone my promise still in sleep,
I have no desire or energy to pray, like a wounded lion I lie,
Life still, buzzing around me and clattering in constant confusion,
I float like a large lifeless leaf on the bumpy waves of the ocean,
Back and forth, left right then strike and I drown like a prey,
A prey caught in the jaws of a dragon komodo vicious and real,

Remind me again dear brother what it feels to be in church,
Lovingly and firmly speak of the liberating power of prayer,
show me that one verse that reminds of his unending mercy,
or my spirit will slowly waste in the hands of the slayer.

Petero Zeddy 09 June 2019

i don't know why but somehow i relate to this poem. its been a long time since i last bowed down for prayer and worshiped then creator truly with my soul rejoicing. even reading the bible seems an Elysian task for me i seem i have lost all hope in life but deep down i still recognize my savior as the sovereign being that makes me who i am today.

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Allotey Abossey 14 July 2015

It's coming from a true heart of someone wanting more of him but doesn't know how....good one there friend.. You write well. You may read my poems: church of God, and if Christ be died not. God bless you

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Corazone Aquino 16 July 2015

Your poems are deep Allotey. Keep going.

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Kelly Kurt 13 July 2015

A sweet and touching poem, Corazone. Thanks for sharing

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Corazone Aquino 16 July 2015

Kelly, welcome and am happy you are touched.

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