Daddy Poem by Sylvia Plath


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Christine Austin Cole 13 May 2005

Most absolutely one of my all time favorite poems. She is absolutely amazing here. I cannot help but mention, however, that the word 'you' in the line 'I have always been scared of you' should be italicized - as should 'knew' in the second to last line. These words were underlined in the typed manuscript of Ariel and Other Poems that Sylvia left on her desk (a facilimile copy of which is available in the RESTORED edition of Ariel - published last year) . There are many (myself included) that feel the highlighting of these words is... critical.

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Hank Tamaishi 13 January 2008

Is it very strange that I can empathize with this poem... in any case, this is one of my favourite poems from one of my favourite poets, so I felt I had to leavea comment. Sylvia had a lot of power when it came to using words.

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Christian Anderson 05 July 2007

Not a poem, but a punch in the gut, a scream of rage; it is perfect in the same way a boxer lands a perfect punch. Or better, the way a doctor without anaestehtic makes a perfect incision: hurtful and hard to watch, but life-affirming if you look through the physical event.

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Uriah Hamilton 10 May 2005

A beautiful sad poem in all it's tragic intensity!

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Chinedu Dike 23 January 2022

Really a poignant poem written from the heart.

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Poem love 17 February 2018

I Iove it

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Monica Campbell 03 September 2017

She was suffering with mental illness,indenty crisis.

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Monica Campbell 03 September 2017

This is so sad yearning,for her dad. That she challenge s death to meet her father. I can relate not on terms of death.. but who was father, ?

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Indigo Hawkins 15 February 2008

God, this is so grotesque. It's also one of my favorite poems by Plath (though that isn't saying much) . I really like how she uses language and sound and connects different elements to convey a story....but it's so morose I can hardly stand to read it.

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