Mistakes Poem by Chan Mongol


By Chan Mongol
September 21 of 2022

Treasury was zero and government was worried;
Alan Greenspan variously explained and almost cried.
Alan Greenspan came to TV to clearly speak;
Treasury Secretary informed conditions to the public.
Obama came to power was treasury was almost zero;
All Presidents spend funds without thinking tomorrow.
Obama didn't clean messes done by Bush;
Obama continued massacres and didn't do the truce.
Then came Donald Trump as the blessed one;
He brought back soldiers and gave up killing plan.
Good things Trump had done for Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan.
But how could Americans elected then an unfit man?
To win second term, Ukraine war provoked by Biden.
Rulers leave nothing to run a country, to do the business;
To suck bloods to erode civilization of citizens!
Prices of goods, foods are so high which is a deadly sign;
World is paying for Biden's billions of dollars weapons for Ukraine.
With wrong ideas, loss will be for America and Europa;
Both are taken by laborers, professionals from Asia and Africa.

Chan Mongol

Chan Mongol

East Bengal (Bangladesh)
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