Mmgl Annex Iii (30-2) - 17. Feelings Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

Mmgl Annex Iii (30-2) - 17. Feelings

The feeling is that which one makes the best use of the senses. Those not using the senses are like the persons who are sleeping with no action to do.

18. living body
The life has no shape whereas the body has shape. Feelings, heart, and absolute knowledge they have one meaning When they mix with the action, it is called the life and there is no soul as such according to Buddha's principle.

19. Five senses
When examined, with the five senses adding mind, it become six senses. For the feelings in the heart for material things, they are the suitable places.

20. Touch
The heart and the six senses feel the touch when they are engaged in different matters.

21. Sight
Sight is the one that enjoys the feeling of the senses.

22. Desire
Desire is one that never decreases but goes on increasing when joy of the senses is felt.
23. Attachment
Attachment comes at a stage when once the uncontrollable desire increases.

24. Sin
Sin is part of one's actions. It is the result of the fruit of actions in the past

25. Birth
‘Birth' is based on the quality of actions performed. As cause and effect theory, life goes into that body which can fulfill the desires of the mind.

26. Sickness
Sickness is one that gives trouble to the body when it goes out of the nature due to ignorance etc.
27. Old age
Old age is one that attacks the body till death, when the body becomes weak

28. Death
Death is called the formless life leaving this form body like the sun disappears while setting in the west.

29. Continuous trouble
Action depends upon ignorance. Feeling depends upon the action. The living body depends upon the feelings. The senses' feeling depends upon the life in the body. The touch feeling depends upon the senses feeling. The sight depends upon the touch feelings. The desire depends upon the sight. The attachment depends upon the desire. The action depends upon the attachment. All the sins depends upon the actions, on account of which old age, sickness, death, miserable life, tears, worries, inaction and so many troubles will start coming one by one.

30. To escape from trouble
When ignorance is lost, then the dependent action will be lost. When the dependent action is lost, then the feeling is lost. When the feeling is lost, then the living body feeling is lost. When the living body feeling is lost, then the sight is lost. When the sight is lost, then the desire is lost. When the desire is lost, then the attachment is lost. When the attachment is lost, then the action part is lost. When the action part is lost, then the appearance is lost. When the appearance is lost, then the birth is lost. When the birth is lost, then the six kind of ills like sickness, old age, death, troubles, agitation, and worry will be lost. This is called the escape from the trouble.

31. Four kinds of risks

1.First risk
Ignorance and action are the two responsible reasons. So these are called the first risk.

2.Second risk
Feeling, living body, senses, touch feeling, sight are the five that come as a result of the first risk mentioned above. So these are called the second risk.

3.Third risk
Desire, attachment, part of action, these are the three that will appear in sight as guilt and action. So these are called the third risk.

4. Fourth risk
Birth, sickness, old age, death, these are the four ills that are fruits attached to this body. So these are called the fourth risk.

32. Three junctions
The cause for the births is action and feelings, which is the first junction. The discipline of sights joins the desires, which is the second junction. When the birth part is attached to the next birth, it is called the third junction.

33. Three kinds of births
The first one is to take birth to pursue the spiritual path and to attain the ultimate divine goal in life. The second one is to control the feelings inside. The third one is to combine the feelings with body. They are human, god, and animal like beings.

34. Periods - Three
The ignorance that leads to forgetfulness, and the dependent action make the past period. Feelings, living body, senses, touch feeling, sight, desire, attachment, sins, appearance all these make the present period. Birth, sickness, old age, death, trouble, agitation, worry all these make the future period.

35. Guilt
Desire, attachment, ignorance are the three sources for guilt.

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