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Mmgl Annexure Ii (29-3) (B-4) Non-Existent At One Side Expanded To Existent Side To Spread Over - Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

Keep the non-existent at one side, and find another side for the existent to suit everything equally. ‘Sound will appear in the workplace, because it is impermanent'—the impermanency reason to appear in the workplace, it looks like for the sky and lightning, both non-existent; it suits the lightning, but not the sky. It will appear as the existent things like pot will suit at every place, which is a false appearance. It gives room for doubts, ‘Like lightning appears in workplace non-permanently? ' or ‘Like pot appears in workplace non-permanently? '

(b-5) Contributory side expansion
The said reason supports both existent and non-existent, each one supporting one side. ‘Sound is permanent'—this is an existent statement, ‘Because it has no shape.' Here the ‘no shape' becomes a reason for the permanency of non-existent things like sky, which appear to have happened to the sky, but failed to happen in the case of the atom supreme. When it is said that "The existent pot is happy", it does not conform to the reason ‘happy', which has no shape and is not relevant to the pot. So, the existent and non-existent are both applicable simultaneously in this case. How it is? Like the shapeless sky it is permanent, and like happiness it is impermanent. This kind of doubt arises. This is, therefore, called contributory side expansion.

(b-6) Distortion in expansion
There is no room for rectification of the reason due to distortion in the false expansion. It gives room to false reason. The Vaisedigan (scriptural man) says like this, ‘Sound is impermanent. It depends upon the workplace.' When it is said that it appears in the workplace, the pot etc., near that place stand suitably. When Meemanchagan (another scriptural man) says, ‘Sound, which is permanent, is heard, ' it creates doubt on both sides, as it does not suit one of these two.

10. Distortions - four
The distortions, which create false impression, are of four kinds. Natural ordinary perversion form, natural special perversion form, unnatural ordinary perversion form and unnatural special perversion form.

(a) Natural ordinary perversion form
The said reason is against the possibility. ‘Sound is permanent, since it is made, '—in this place ‘since it is made' the reason ‘it is made' leaving the possibility of permanency it proves the impermanency.

(b) Natural special perversion form
This is to prove the said reason damaging the possible natural special perversion form. In the place, ‘To find out things, the instruments are eye and other senses, ' it is useful to another different from ‘self.' Because it is categorized as many- ‘Bed is like seat' when it is said like this, the reason ‘stood attached' gives a meaning ‘the bed is useful to seat others.' It leads to an assertion, those eyes and other senses, like bed became a seat, stand separate from the mind. The soul, which is not a part, is made as a part here, thus leading it to a natural special perversion form..

(c) Unnatural ordinary perversion form
This is to make the natural quality go in perversion. ‘Sin is not a wealth; not a honor; not a good nature; which wealth, which good nature, which action—they are different from the truth like telling ordinary special.'

"The wealth, good nature, action—they stood as one, but meant something else, "—in this example, the true qualities of these three things are in the place of the quality of common truth isolated from them. In the example, ordinary and special are left and there is nothing else there, the nature of the said sin is proved as no sin. Hence it stands perverted.

(d) Unnatural special perversion form
To suit the unnatural special perversion form, to say the reason as said in the previous example, ‘Sin is wealth, not an honor, which wealth, yes which is different from the reason of good, honor ‘Like ordinary special' the reason becomes sin. The statement of opinion it becomes acquired goodness and honor. That itself proved perversion. So, natural's special got damaged. Like this natural special stood changed to unnatural special perversion form.

11. Examples - two
Wrong examples are examples of inferior nature. Examples are of two kinds—‘Ordinary and extraordinary.'

(a) Ordinary example of inferior nature
Here, in the fake examples like ordinary and extraordinary, if ordinary example is taken they are subdivided into five kinds. They are ordinary nature deficiency, possible nature deficiency, contributory nature deficiency, unconnected deficiency, perverted deficiency.

(a-1) Ordinary nature deficiency
In an arguer quoted example, does not conform to the reason and is found deficient. ‘Sound is permanent for want of shape. As any other shape is permanent, it is seen in the atom supreme.'—in these words the atom supreme shown as an example is of a permanent shaped nature. So, the possible nature permanent though it is in full, ordinary shapeless nature has become deficient. This is ordinary nature deficiency.

(a-2) Possible nature deficiency
In the given example, the possible nature becomes deficient. "Sound is permanent and shapeless. Any other thing is shapeless but is permanent, like the intellect."—in this statement, the example of intellect has become shapeless and is not permanent also, it has become ordinary fully shapeless nature. The possible permanent nature has become deficient.

(a-3) Contributory nature deficiency
In the given example, possible thing and purposeful thing both are deficient. Moreover, this deficiency is again divided into two types, special contributory nature and ordinary contributory nature.

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