Monday Morning Musings Poem by Mike Smith

Monday Morning Musings

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Well I suppose that this is one of the perks of waking up an hour and forty minutes before your alarm goes off; plenty of time to fiddle around. I could (and should perhaps) do my dishes or hang up my laundry, but writing seems to be a better use of my time.
My time, lately, is packed full of activity. Between work, friends, family, recreation, and the pursuit of happiness and well being; time seems to be a scarce and fleeting thing. And so, I focus each morning on packing a lot of living into every day. Every moment counts. Time is a terrible thing to waste.
I floated down the elk horn creek yesterday. Myself, Cody, Joe, and Hillary. It was fun. Mostly. Cody got upset with me a few times. I think it's because I was flirting with Hillary, and it was working. At one point he even told me to stand up about it... That means he wanted to fight me. Cody would throttle me. He's a beast. Ha, I would've ended up drowned in the creek if Joe was unable to stop him.... Gladly I declined his provocation and simply floated along. Kept my mouth shut for a while until he cooked his jets. Of course we were friends again by the time we got off the creek. We're more like brothers really at this point.
Once we were off the creek I drove my tan truck over to the launch point to get my blue truck. Cody and Joe road in the bed of the truck. Hillary sat in the passenger seat and flirted with me the whole time. I tried not to flirt back, because I could tell Cody was watching me like a hawk. Luckily it was only a short ride.
Cody and Hilary took my blue truck while Joe and I remained in the tan one. The plan was that Cody and Hil would go to cody's place and get dinner started. They had to drop my blue truck off at my house and swap it out for Hilary's car. Joe and I were supposed to go to town, get smokes and beers, then meet at codys for dinner.
I bought a case of Budweiser, a pack of Marlboro red shorts, and a pack of newports. 28 dollars I think. I don't smoke cigarettes.
When we got to codys Hilary's vehicle was not present.
How the f$! & did we beat them out here, Joe and I wondered. Our answer came speeding in and nearly clipped my driver side mirror as it parked along side. Cody (and Hillary even more so) were drunk. And smoking cigarettes. Their cigarettes had taken on water when our cooler dumped out near the end of our creek adventure. They stopped in town and bought smokes...
Cody got inside and put a pan on the stove top. Ribeye and T-bone steaks. No side dishes. No plates. We cut it up as we went and ate it hot and rare. It was good. I was grateful, but that was the extent of my non liquid calories for the day so I wasn't exactly satisfied. I gave Joe a ride back to town. Once he was dropped off I called in an order at the pizza joint uptown for some bosco sticks...25 minutes until they would be ready. So I waited 35 then went to the gas station to buy a cigar I could smoke on after I got done eating.
When it was all said and done I text goodnight to some important people and let my eyes close. Come 4 in the morning a rumble of thunder stirred me and I realized pretty immediately that I wouldn't be going back to sleep.
After browsing around on the Internet for some time I decided to begin writing this.... The rest, I suppose, is history.
It's now only 20 minutes until my alarm for work will go off. I guess I'll get in the shower soon. I have creek mud on my toes. And a raspberry dead center of my forehead from where I hit my head on a rock while pulling the train of rafts as I swam.. A shallow area snuck up on me out of nowhere and in my semi-desperate attempt to speed up the pace of our adventure I gained a scrap the size of a penny. The boss will surely ask about that one today...
We are to set trusses today. The house is 98 feet in length. They are set on 2 foot centers. Quick math tells me there are 49 trusses. There is also a front porch which is 6 feet by 20 I believe. That too has a number of trusses. But I can't guess how many without investigating further...
If the rain and thunder continues, no trusses will get set. In the event of that, I will go to the hospital and have blood drawn as was my agreement with the prescriber. Then I'll head to the pharmacy and retrieve my prescription.
I'm tired of writing. I'm going to shower now.

I understand that this is fully prose and perhaps doesn't belong on a poem site... I'm more of a story teller than a poet. And since I've already set roots on this site, I don't think it innappropriate in anyway to share my stories here.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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