Annealed Poem by Mike Smith


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Very rarely is it indeed
That anyone amongst us learns incredible truths
Opens unseen windows into the essence of their being
Grows into a more remarkable form of their prior self
While events in their lives are going smoothly
While all is well
And the world seems pleasant and accommodating
It is rather
When we find ourselves troubled
Darkness surrounding and doom lurking on either shoulder
When the path back to good places is unapparent
Obscured or impossible to perceive
When we are in a conflict merely to go on
To not roll over and accept the terrible fate lying before us
Fighting so as not to give in to the horrors of our situation
This is when we discover the greatness in us
This is when we prove ourselves worthy of our gift of life
These times
These trials of insurmountable adversity
These are the things that build character

I am grateful for every fond memory of the world that I have
But without the terrible memories to go along
I wouldn't have ever known half of them
I wouldn't know of the potential residing inside me
Waiting to be stirred up by the next terror that tries to tear me down
I wouldn't know my own strength
My quintessential element of resilience and determination
I wouldn't know me
I still don't
Not in full
Not yet
Because in time
It is all but certain
Dark days will come again
And regardless of the form they take on
Or the damage they inflict
I will once more emerge
Changed yet again
And this time embrace the difference
Not as some scar gained in the battle for happiness
But as the power I now know it to be
- - - - -
I am not haunted by my past
I am emboldened by it

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Norah Tunney 20 April 2016

This poem says so much about you Mike I agree how shallow we would be without the dark nights in our life I am eternally grateful for everything there is nothing we could afford to be without I love your poetry thanks Mike

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Mike Smith 20 April 2016

The thanks goes to you for reading and commenting and giving such a nice compliment and analysis

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Bill Galvin 20 March 2016

Such is the way to growth and learning and truth... nice piece, Mike.10

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Mike Smith 21 March 2016

Thanks Bill. It's not as if many of us seek out hard times in order to gain things from them, but they certainly do have that effect.

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Wes Vogler 19 March 2016

Mister Smith (Smiff) I am impressed. Resiliency demonstrated through adversity. Thoughts roll around and you wind up with a smile. Thank you. (said the little fat, cross-eyed stammerer)

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Mike Smith 21 March 2016

Sometimes adversity (more than anything else) is what shapes us and makes us grow

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Brian Mayo 17 March 2016

The trick is to not let the flame of tribulation warp and twist you into something barely recognizable. Skillfully written, and poignant.

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Mike Smith 17 March 2016

flame of tribulation warp and twist you... I wish I would have thought of that. Thank you Brian

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Nosheen Irfan 17 March 2016

This wisely conceived n crafted poem reflects a very positive outlook on life. These words sure give the reader food for thought n the courage to face life's varied moods. Thanks for sharing.

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Mike Smith 17 March 2016

Thank you Nosheen. Even the worst of times can bring about positive changes. It may not seem so at the time, but when looked at in retrospect it becomes more clear

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