Mike Smith Poems

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The greater pain than the one you feel
Is the one you see in the ones you love
The one you can't make go away
Cannot ease or take on as your own

Out Of Reach

Walked across a pretty flower, thought I'd hold it in my hand
So I knelt down as to grab it, but the flower turned to sand
Tried to carve it as a castle, walls and towers, gates and moat
But the tide washed it away, I had to chase it down by boat

Physical Laws

A man once told me 'Son, '
'Listen, God is God is God'
And in response I queried him
'So all of them are fraud? '

We Are Me

In the back of the mind
In the front of the thoughts
He is there; Always
To some degree

The Man On The Moon

When the sun goes down
In the capital town
Some strange creatures lurk among shadows
One sits and he waits


Conflicted thoughts and wearied eyes
They walk amongst the fallen
Their faded dreams have sunk like stones
Their service now forgotten

Innocence Lost

Child soldier with his gun
Blood stained fingers, half my size
Pulls the trigger
Thunder, smoke

Wandering In The Dark

I consider it likely against my best interests to wonder on
And often times I make a concerted effort to keep it far from the front of my mind
But none of us has much control over which way our minds might wander
And when the night is long


Very rarely is it indeed
That anyone amongst us learns incredible truths
Opens unseen windows into the essence of their being
Grows into a more remarkable form of their prior self

(limerick) An Ode To Wes Vogler's Series

I've read all of oogie's adventures
And my smile could not be immense-er
As far as Bri goes
Let him pick at his toes