Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monster You Created

Sitting in my dark corner, rocking myself.
Trying to wake this dormant heart of mine.
Memories of the pain shooting across my eyes.
Pain so vivid, so deep, so real.
Tearing me from inside out.
My young heart remembers the man in black.
Torturing me when the anger was too much for him to control.
My heart so used, so manipulated.
Ruining the young life he created.
(What a father you were!)
My eyes filled with rage, the fire turning crimson of anger.
My hands turning to fists, ready to attack.
My blood pumping through my veins, circulating for answers.
The clock ticking in my head, turning me into a monster.
With no emotion, no soul, no heart.
(Look what you did!)
Running, Running, gasping for air, looking for a cure.
Surrounded by the hell he put me in.
Eyeing the souls left to burn
They too are monsters, being tortured by the gods up above
(Your suppose to save us!)
Screams, yells, cries echoing in my mind
(Why won’t they leave me alone?)
My eyes starting to see the truth behind it all
The mystery with in us, starting to unwind into the truth.
This past of mine eating away what’s left of me.
I’m so tired of this HELL!
So frustrated of the fury that burns in this heart
(You see what you made me!)
Seeing the man in black smiling at his work.
(Are you happy now?)
Applauding at the cruel monster he created.
Shoving the Sh*T in my face.
Choking my dear life out of me
Seeing the light coming out of my eyes as he breaks my heart in two
Tears coming down like a waterfall
Pain so strong, breaking me into a million pieces
My hell being shown in the blink of my eyes
(You see it?)
My hell being spread around this world
(Do you breathe it?)
My hell being shoved in my mind
(Do you feel it?)
Lost Soul
Ariel 05 June 2018
Wow I feel the pain I see the monster
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Chitra - 30 January 2009
strong leave an indelibe mark on the mind
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Joseph Poewhit 22 January 2009
Poem comes across with some strong depth.
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Charles Chaim Wax 22 January 2009
powerful poem keep up the good work
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