More Than Exist Poem by Darrin McMiller Jr.

More Than Exist

More Than Exist
Alone I'm so insightful
Outside I'm so frightful
Self-conscious, but oblivious to the world
Really feelin' like an alien in it
Until I re-enter my atmosphere
When I'm in outer-space they call me a spazz
My head spins and revolves and I wanna revolt
But really I want to reach inner peace
And in any space fell free to be me

But they label me before they see the contents within
Until my confidence is thin
And I forget I have the strength of many men
Who have the strength of many men
And in my fists is a million men marchin'
But I'd rather step off until I'm unconscious

But subconsciously
I'm a pretender a wannabe and wanna be,
More than just a blank face
No name and no voice to speak
No opinion to voice no recognition if I could,
If I could be more than just a coward in life or a number in death
I'm just a square who never been outside the box
Stayed inside the lines the whole time
But somehow I still feel out of bounds

Adam Fuller 14 June 2010

Very easy to relate to, especially for a school kid like myself and many others. Perfectly describes the feelings of rejection that almost everybody goes through before they realize themselves.

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