Art Of Keeping Secrets Poem by Darrin McMiller Jr.

Art Of Keeping Secrets

Rating: 4.0

Ask yourself,
How many lies we shared together?
How many secrets we kept apart?
Keeping broken hearts intact

We don't love each other
We just loved our representatives
Resenting the true you and me

I swear and then you swear
And I swear
When you know too much
It's no conversation with you
Like a circle you don't even have a point

Un-merrily going around the same issues
We don't care to address,
We simply dress them up, only to suppress them
Only to regret the next words out our mouths

So we hush,
But our silence won't protect us
And not happy is a silent home

Because we know the dreams we shared,
And the reality between us
The art of keeping secrets

Courtney Reid 10 June 2010

oh my gosh this is amazing!

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Skye Figueroa 15 June 2010

AWESOME! ! ! ! ! ! BEAUTIFUL! ! ! ! ! ! ! & i agree with you to some extent

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Emily Core 15 June 2010

wow very good keep up the good work

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Annie Girl 21 June 2010

this is really intresting.. instantly u can tell when someone is keeping something while others hide it pretty well... i cant think of a good word to describe it but ur an awsome poet....

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Whispering Rose 06 February 2011

when we live too much in our dreams and then crash into reality we find ourselves burdened with secrets that are better not shared 'so we hush' and the dreams are shattered...brilliant piece of art

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Brandi Guthrie 08 July 2010

I can relate, unfortunately, to this poem. Especially the part about a silent home. thank you for sharing.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 22 June 2010

Interesting title...'Art of Keeping Secrets'! your poem expresses two conditions or actions that's taken- some where in between - in keeping secrets.Good write...follow your Bliss [I read your bio] this is a good philosophical poem.

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Kareem Hany 22 June 2010

i lie this one too, , it's so realistic

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Brandon Owens 21 June 2010

It's no conversating with you...I think that line is meant to say It's no conversation with you. However you may have meant to say, It's no use conversating with you. In which case, I don't think every dictionary has agreed that conversating is a word. The more correct term is conversing, and I don't think it would throw off the rhythm of your poem. Anyways, I think you have splendid ideas, may need a little work with these kind of errors.

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