Darrin McMiller Jr. Poems

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Art Of Keeping Secrets

Ask yourself,
How many lies we shared together?
How many secrets we kept apart?
Keeping broken hearts intact

Man In The Mirror

After he heard the shatter
He took a step back,
And realized his dream was just a single shard
Amongst thousands of his blessings

Smile To Keep From Crying

I wrote this after getting an amazing smile from a beautiful girl, and as well intentioned as it was I could just tell she was smiling to keep from crying or at the very least having one of those days...

I can read you
Your pain is written in your lines

Fire Inside

When what you know, no longer is
And what you once believed is in question
You go into a molten state
There is a new fire inside of you

After The Smoke Clears

After the smoke clears
We gone burn it up some more
We gone drench gasoline with burning gasoline
And aint gone leave until the smoke fills

Sky's The Limit

Sky’s the limit when you limit yourself
Mine is endless, in my eternal mind
I’m a word rebel, a freedom writer
A supplier of hope, a dealer of dreams

Dressed To Impress

Dressed to Impress
We judge by our attire
More than our entirety
Defined by stylish stitches


Faith is like a single
Drop of water on the window

Formed from condensation

Manifest Destiny

I'm the richer, among these thieves
A mighty gem, scattered the world over
A world overlord, looking over the waters
For beyond these shores I'm assured to own others

My Life, Your Entertainment

This is the game of life
But this aint a game
It's play or be played
So player beware

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