Tiffani Williams

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More Than Ready - Poem by Tiffani Williams

I’m more than ready
to get lost in your eyes
and captivated by everything
I never thought I’d find
out what it means to feel alive
and really alive
to the point,
your senses are amplified
in all the ways
that tell me you’re near.
and I’ve feel like
I’ve been waiting my whole life
for you to steal my breath
because you’ll be somewhere near
and I won’t need air.
I just want you here.
and all my secrets,
hang on the tip of my tongue
along with meaningless conversations
because I want you to know everything
because you are everything
and it’s hard to explain
the way I can’t breath
but I’m alive.
the way, I’m stronger
and defenseless at the same time.
and, no words would let you know
how it feels to fly
when you fall
if you don’t feel it too.
and I hope you don’t find me rash
and I hope you don’t find me reckless
and I hope you don’t fine me senseless
cause I’m usually not this careless
and my heart was never an accessory
that I wore on my sleeve
but I felt,
it would complete
the outfit I wore
when I took a trip
to nowhere
with you
it seemed like
I had to
when you held my hand,
like, even if I didn’t want to
I was meant to
and who am I to argue with fate?
it has it ways around everything
even the strongest walls
can fall
when you make them melt
from the heat of the passion
and the calm of the compassion
and the tragedy of the magic
that we didn’t know but we created
or at least you did
and I volunteered
because you swore you could
and I wanted nothing more
than to disappear with you
and I’m more than ready to.

more than ready;
more like, already did

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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