Morning Voices Poem by Parwin Jadan

Morning Voices

Morning voices

Oh fresh wind! filled up my nose
Light Angels opened my eyes
I hear voices
I am alone
But, I am not alone!
Things whispering in my ears
Like the shell's speech
Birds songs so sweet
Just like the mother' s lulling
Water drops like the watch clock
Doors open and shut
Hungry and angry kids clicking spoons asking for food
Cock screaming on his confused hens to cook
Mountains are yawning smokes and fogs
Sheep's jingling like the church rings
Wind breaths on tree's hair
Sea smacking by his head the cliffs
Coffee's smell with cardamom spreading
Roaming far and wide
Pauper shepherd dreaming to hold the hot cup to sip it
All say 'good morning' without knowing the meaning of beautiful morning
Women hitting carpets like drummers in a wedding
Train is traveling and peeping
The new thick air enter the windows bravely
Beautiful women with straw hair like wool
Attacking kitchen
Putting pots up and down
Filling kettles with their tired hands
Men are waiting badly the huge breakfast
Children going to school sadly
Coming home wildly
Ambush labors coughing and rushing to their working
Missing the singing of the morning
Lovers are watching the night' dating
Like the silent stove at day
To blush at night's approaching
Pen's follower covered with blanket
Thinking of the night's voices
Frowned peasants dashing across their fields
Young girls as ostriches hurry to the looking-glass
Put up some flour and jam
some like mouse sneaking and stealing some candies with stifled laughing
some smearing women washing their body
some clowns are jigging
wishy-washy cluster deploring the morn's ecstasy
to do what they waste
who lies under vault warming themselves by the morning's flash
slothful cats stretching over the cold roofs as a bridge
wind is getting bored from dashing the stupid clouds
Try to hear the hidden voices

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