Mors Omnia Solvi Poem by Yan Lee

Mors Omnia Solvi

why do people
are so frighten
by the word DEATH?
when in truth and in fact
a sole constant in this world

i am thinking,

what would be my death?
If it is in
a conflagration,
a catastrophe,
a casualty,
murder, rape,
plane crash,
embarrassment of maneuver,
being kidnap,
my body is being chop-chop,
or a plain reckless imprudence,
a cancerous health problems,
or a suicide scenario?
that's another story to telltale
or just a natural loss of life
due to elderly existence

would God redeem my soul?
or willingly accepts my being?
in the absence of penalization
as the final stage of execution
would the firmament
let me in?
and welcome me with
a huge embrace?

would heaven
congratulates me for a job
well done here on Earth?
or castigates me
for the burdensome life
i had back then
is there an award?
should i offer
a special intermission
or do some exhibition
like a contortionist
in an action
If eternal bliss
is not for me

would i coquette
the devil?
for my last option
in order for me
to be in the next rank
or worst dethrone him
as my leeway
the everlasting fervor ablaze
my being

what about the people
i left here on Earth?
would they mourn for me?
who will pay my funeral expenses?
how many days i will be lamented?
9 days,
coffin worth 10,000
food trip,
plus other stuff
it would be that so costly

am i be surrounded
with the hypocrites?
who will silently
cherished my death
would they say
good things on me?
or worst case scenario
condemns me and curses me
the unfortunate downfall

the consanguinity, kins, affinity
will attend my interment?
do i need to remunerate
the genuflects?
and thanking them
to narrate a simple prayer

my body will be a great aid
in the rotten worms,
the starving fungi,
the dancing cockroaches
to feed their dying intestines

what would be my fashion?
dress in an elegant style?
with the make up on
and a parka
and after the service
in the graveyard
are they having a party?
the pallbearers are boozing
till the break of dawn

Even i myself
i will not visit
my own obsequies
with the purpose
of not to witness
the boring litany of the priest
what a sweet demise isn't? ? ?

Yan Lee

Yan Lee

Dipolog City
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