Mountain Top Poem by Bekisipho Moyo

Mountain Top

Rating: 4.5

Walked up to the mountain tops
Hoping i could find solace and peace
To connect myself with the unknown
To figure out why, where and when?
Walked up to the mountain tops to feel the the breeze
Breeze that carried secrets of the unknown
Tried to open my ears to hear the voices echoe back to me
Voices taking me back to the past
The mountains offered me a warm embrace
The mountains showed me whats yonder
The mountains connected me with the blue sky
Walked up to the mountain tops and yes what did i find?
I found deep inner peace
I felt i could shout out and call upon the one sitting on the throne
The mountains made me feel like am above every situation
The mountains made me feel like a giant looking down on her oppressors
Yes the mountains offered me protection
The mountains whispered
My Child you got this
The mountains whispered hang in there
The mountains ohh yes the mountain tops made me see the beauty
Beauty beyond measure
Walked up to the mountain tops and did not want to go back to the ground below
The mountain tops made me feel on top of the world

I walked up to the mountain tops hoping i would be able to see those that are now memories
I walked up to the mountains and well maybe those mountains wanted to errupt
Errupt like a volcano burning inside me.
I walked up to the Mountain tops and felt like David facing Goliath but in the end i was standing on top on top of the mountain top.

8 June 2022
Bekisipho Tshuma Moy

Adapted from a poem called Lost in Dreams by Phillip Nine Mafunga
Chinedu Dike 16 August 2022

Really an inspiring piece nicely brought forth with conviction. A beautiful creation..

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Sylvester Eaves 16 June 2022

I thought it was quite an adventure going to a mountain top grasping a visual of what it could look like and feel like is awesome.

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Alison Mujati 13 June 2022

Sometimes we need to find ourselves away from people. Beautiful poem

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