Mr Governor Poem by Tawanda Mtunzie

Mr Governor

Rating: 5.0

Probably the last poem I will be writing
Because something has hooked up my feelings
To a climax I thought would never reach
But nothing is impossible as I have seen

Anger, hate and regret all are calling me by name
I wish I had for-seen the coming future
Then I would see myself in this lion's den
My heart and mind both drenched in tears

Karma, may you please one day come to my rescue
This my life I have lived to the fullest
Before arriving to this destination which seems to be the darkest
Demons seem to be following me observantly in a queue

One mistake to a human is like acurse
Never forgiven as wellas forgotten
Even your good deeds in thy eye will be a mess
So I say to myself don't let your heart flatten

My mind is in a stalemate right now
Couplets, rhymes and similes are the only flowing
Do I have to give she a bow?
Maybe in my field of corns she may stop mawing

I have made a decision to stop any further aggression
By the Grace of Yahweh I hope it will be a successful mission
For the trauma I have now is incessantly
And I can't withstand it manly

My final say is Goodbye Mr Governor
Sorry for being just a traveler
I had hoped we would marry to become the greatest
But fate chose otherwise and separated us furthest

Goodbye hope we meet in the future
Black and white have proved not to be my colors
My own favorite turns out to be blue
Once again, karma please be my saint

As they say, a bad start makes a good ending
This time I think someone manipulated the saying
For am seeing myself in the future sinking
That's why am trying Love to do the moulding

This is now the tenth time am writing
Mrs I will be patiently waiting
For you to realise what I have been feeling
Your words piercing my heart like a sharp sword

Goodbye Mr Governor

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