Mr. Hated Poem by prakhar mishra

Mr. Hated

Walking ahead or the road sliding back
both the same for him that day
not to stop at the beer bar,
the beer would drink him like
the most loved ones had done it then
so no attractions held in for anyone

then he tried knocking his heart`s gate
a quesion came who are you mate
cant you feel my presence my voice
and the gate was closed for him to suffice
as if even the heart didnt pump
so will you also make me dump

the man felt bad for the first time
and got rid of the word mine
so went to the door once again
the same question but the main
answer changed Twas its you
or me both the sameand true

the gate was wide opened
with the desire of his heart changed
now he owns a body with a soul
and seeking love is now his goal
the universal, the ultimate role

i feel most of us see the people in our lives hating us but never think, for example the love of mother nature by whose virtue millions of body functions are being performed in our own body.So the ultimate universal power exists in us we just need to ask our own soul about what really love and hatred means.It does not mean any gain or loss.
Adeline Foster 23 September 2016

You are right: the ultimate universal power exists in us we just need to examine our knowledge. That power is available to all who call upon His Name. Enjoyed the pictorial quality of this poem. Read mine - Who Am I - Adeline

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Unwritten Soul 25 April 2012

It's beautiful and good mind of you to write this, there are some unintentionally typing mistakes...not a bother to me, just telling...Your poem is good, as nice as your mind..keep writing Prakhar, it's a good job write more and more you will be better and better...A talent is in your hand! _Unwritten Soul

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