The 5th Dimension Poem by prakhar mishra

The 5th Dimension

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Earlier just three
then the fourth
-the time
just to locate
the well defined
but to locate
whats universal
in every element
real still unreal
in heaven and hell
in particle and anti particle
while one thinks or not
lives or not
moves or not

We need one more,
to locate the source of sources,

to where it lies
which brings tears
in pain and happiness
and sometimes laughter
in the two

to locate the position
to where it lies
-that some die for others
while some with the human-bombs
still for but with others

to locate the position
to where it lies
that the hunt for aliens continues
even when we don't know ourselves

oh scientists would you please tell me
many die and emerge the same time
many win and lose the same time

suddenly some say -notice
these are all complimentary
do they mean the source same
for yes and no, true and false
sun and moon
zero and infinity
'Fire And Ice'
don't they have independent origin?

or the 5th-D just spread everywhere
the scale being one universe a unit
and the music being all the scales together
the approach being all the results together
but definitely i am not getting dizzy in its weather
there's something to think about

Kasia Fedyk 28 June 2012

Beautiful! Yes, something to think about, the 5th dimension that sits right inside of us if we only stop and see for a moment it all would become clear. Search continues...

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