Multiple Perspective

Several small poems i've written over the years

- Small things

A little dropp of blood
Travels gods know how many times a day
Trough my body
That little dropp of blood is one of many things that's keeping me alive
But with one singel cut on my finger
...And the little dropp of blood....
Is out

- Fire

My heart is haunted by a fire,
not as painful as it once was,
but at least a thousand times more violent.

My heart's wings are burned off by the pain.
And it falls like a stone into the abyss.
Only for this burning heart,
to be caught by your soft and gentle arms


To miss ones family is to miss ones soul

And to miss insanity is to lose control

I've had my share part of cruelty

But my heart still aches under my sleepless nights

The words fall in a uneven rhythm

Form unreadable sentences and unspeakable words

Why does reality make no sense?

Why does my heart cry out in pain?

No words seems right, no actions speak to me

The sun does not shine and the starts do not twinkle

In my shallow world, all there is, is darkness and fear

The abys all of the sudden seems appealing to me

Light burn my eyes like a fierce fire

And the shadows sing the most beautiful of songs

I miss the little voices whom told me what was right and wrong

Cause my dear friend, I've lost something i never thought i had.

My mind.