Mummy Is My Candle Poem by Khaoula Basty

Mummy Is My Candle

Rating: 4.0

My sweet sweet candle;
Give me more light in the darkness of my life,
My beautiful beautiful canlde;
Give me more hope in my despiration,
My cute cute candle;
Give me more warm in my coldness,
I have a candle who burns for me,
I have a candle who dances with me,
I have a candle who warms me,
My candle is following me,
My candle is carrying me,
My candle sacrifies for me,
I love you my sweet candle;
I love you my sweet MUM,
You light my darkness,
You encourage me,
You warm my heart,
You are my everything,
You are my dawn, my light at night,
You are my sun that warms me in winter,
You are my moon that lights my darkness,
You are star that shines me,
You are my heart that beats for me,
You are my flower that I love her redolence,
You are my land that holds me,
You are my faith, my religion, my godness:
Mum I believe in you, only in you:
You are mine
I love you Samourti

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: mother
Rahman Henry 30 August 2015

Wonderfull poem, in deed. I love it. Thanks a lot, dear poet.

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Khaoula Basty 18 October 2017

Thanks for reading it, I appreciate it!

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