Lost In Your Eyes Poem by Khaoula Basty

Lost In Your Eyes

I travelled all over the world through your eyes
The whole world is so excited cause you hold all his land in your eyes
I see the sea where the waves are dancing in your eyes
I see nature where the flowers are flourishing in your eyes
I listen to music when we are dancing through your eyes
I see the stars and the moon which make your eyes so shine
I imagine you and me, just us two in your eyes
I will think of you till I die and you will be not in my eyes
But in my life, dreams, feelings and every where else.

Anil Kumar Panda 23 May 2015

Beautiful poem.Full of love it flows so nice.

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Saadat Tahir 12 May 2015

a love loaded few lines strong and potent like musk....what you call miskq...i guess.. :) the delicacy of eyes everywhere is a nice effect. liked

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Khaoula Basty 12 May 2015

Saadat Without love we can not live :) eyes are the spitit of our soul so you can understand your friend's soul through his or her eyes :) Thank you for your comment :)

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Kelly Kurt 09 May 2015

A lovely poem, Khaoula. Thanks for sharing Peace

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Khaoula Basty 11 May 2015

Thank You so much, Kelly, Enjoy your time :) PEace And Love :)

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