Cemetery Of The Arab World Poem by Khaoula Basty

Cemetery Of The Arab World

Rating: 5.0

I have fears that this world may cease to be
There is Death Death Only Death
I have fears that I may stop talking
There are lies lies only lies
I have fears that Human may no longer exist
There is only War War only War
The New World Order opens its gate
There is no Arabic Spring, No Arabic Revolution
There is only Death
There is only smell of Death
There is only Tragedy
There are only tears
There is only Depression
There is only Melancholy
We act like we are Lucky, Optimistic and Blessed
Do you want me to be Optimistic!
Do you want me to be Joyful!
Sorry I can’t be, I can’t be H.A.P.P.Y!
I can’t be Optimistic!
Do you know why! ?
Muslims are no longer Muslims
They kill each other
They murder each other
They butcher each other
Yes Butcher! !
How Can I be Optimistic When I see Babies sinking to Death! ? ! ? !
Tell me how?
Tell me how?
Please convince me! !
How can I be happy when Europeans Welcomes Refugees and Muslims Just watch? !
Do you believe That Humanity Exist in the Arab World? ! ! !
Personally I don’t
I don’t
I don’t think so! !
I am not Arabian And Proud of That! !

Pamela Sinicrope 14 March 2016

I wrote a comment and it didn't stay... Hate that. In short, well written poem, good use of poetic style, repetition, and the two parts. I was also moved by this write not only about the refugee crisis, but by the struggle for identity, and the appeal to the Muslim people. Powerful and fearless.

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Kelly Kurt 07 September 2015

A very poignant poem, Khaoula. I wish you and the world peace!

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Khaoula Basty 09 September 2015

Thank you

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Anil Kumar Panda 05 September 2015

But Khoula if people like you and me lose hope. I can feel your heart that there is so much violence in this world. Women and children are being killed like animals. It seems the end is coming. Let us do something good so long as we breathe.Thanks for sharing.Much love.

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Khaoula Basty 05 September 2015

yes the end is coming I feel that so I share peace and love all over the world :)

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