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Believe that the world is in peace
Believe that all humans live in peace
God has sent down peace
Why is the world a tragedy?

Life is a boat of joy and happiness
Life is short, don’t complicate it
Be optimist, be human, and be tolerant
Forgive your friend, your brother, your sister, your enemy

My love burns
My love grows
My love rises
My love flourishes

I let myself believe
That the world is in Peace
I let myself believe
That All HUMAN live in Peace

I don't want to lose you now
You are special
I don't want to leave you now
You are an angel

I travelled all over the world through your eyes
The whole world is so excited cause you hold all his land in your eyes
I see the sea where the waves are dancing in your eyes
I see nature where the flowers are flourishing in your eyes

I have fears that this world may cease to be
There is Death Death Only Death
I have fears that I may stop talking
There are lies lies only lies

Since there's ont love, comme let us hug and part
I am done, it is over baby, you get no more of me
I am happy, oh yeah, happy with all my heart
I am free, free like a bird, myself is free

Get out people
Get out Man
Express yourself
Build yourself

As I walked alone, in a world full of hypocrites
As I decided to be alone and to create my own world
With myself, me and I
I was the happiest woman and the confident one

Beyond the moon, there is my dream

Beyond the sun, there is my desire

Burn for me my little candle
Burn for my soul my beautiful candle
give me more hope more happiness
let me smile let me laugh let me shine for my existence

My father was a poor man, but strong.

I entered school to study and become an engineer.

I am a human without a Land
I am a human without a nation
I am a human without dignity
But I'm still a human

My sweet sweet candle;
Give me more light in the darkness of my life,
My beautiful beautiful canlde;
Give me more hope in my despiration,

I am a child
Aged Five years old
And I have a dream
I hope, I hope, I hope

Let me dance with you
Let me cherish my happiness with you
Join me in life, in death, in heaven, in hell
Join me in love, in peace, in hate, in war

I said I love you but does this make sense?
I don't think so!
I said I could not love someone else.
I don't think so!

Salutations to the father
Of peace and love
Ghandi: do you know how much we need
Your sacred deeds

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Believe that the world is in peace
Believe that all humans live in peace
God has sent down peace
Why is the world a tragedy?
Why are all humans fighting each other?
Why do we die hurting, torturing and killing
Why is there no humanity?
Why is there no love?
Why is there no sincerity?
Why is there no peace?
Why is there no charity?
Why do we destroy Humanity?
Come together people
Let us unify
Let us live in peace
Let us protect our nature
Let us plant roses instead of bombs
Let us water earth with water instead of blood
Let us release doves instead of firing
Let us love each other
And don't hate each other in the name of war

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