Muse India Dance Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Muse India Dance

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I love to see muse India dance
Wonderful scene to witness by chance
Such an occasion never come even at once
When peacocks open the feathers to dance

All such comments enhance my vigor
I stand to gain many things with honor
I believe in love and spread the message
Whether I am liked for or blamed for age

Such wonderful things never occur
When I feel elated and make very much sure
Love must find its way in any form
I smile and resign without any harm

Love is always meant for and very pure
Only thing I for one must be very much sure
Where one he is heading and what is the aim for
Nothing wrong if one takes step to explore

I saw sweet cuckoo on tree
Making it beautiful with rhythm to feel for free
What a great moment to see two peacocks dance?
Early in morning when I happen to see Muse India by chance

Love has made inroad with triumphant win
Such response is nice to be seen
After all one makes to understand
Divided we fall and united we stand

Captain Cur 28 July 2012

A most beautiful poem about a muse India dance. I enjoy reading poems from different cultures that are informative and colorful.

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I love to see muse India dance Wonderful scene to witness by chance

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