Music Poem by chandra thiagarajan


Rating: 4.6

Music is an art
Music is presided over by the Muses
Music combines sounds in a pleasing way
Music has common elements.

Music has pitch and melody
Music has harmony and rhythm
Music has tempo and meter
Music has sonic qualities of timbre.

Music is euphony or sweet sound
Music has harmonious qualities
Music is inspirational
Music opens the soul.

Music is energizing
Music is enriching
Music makes one happy
Music is relaxing.

Music is soothing
Music is entertainment
Music is lovable
Music is stirring.

Music moves one to tears
Music gives a spark
Music tunes a special memory
Music is a form of therapy.

Music fills with spiritual attunement
Music is a personal experience
Music takes us along the road of life
Music is the corner stone of every society.

Amitava Sur 20 November 2014

In this fast and turbulent life music is a recess or pause to energize the life to move ahead again. very nice.

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Shawn Baysinger 05 December 2013

10/10 is what someone should rate it.

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Karen Sinclair 15 October 2012

A very lovely piece which praises the stuff which can lift our hearts when they don't always feel like lifting and they can have us in tears at a dropp of the unexpected hat... tyvm karen

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Neela Nath Das 14 October 2012

I'm hearing the music of your heart thru your write. Very nice indeed.

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