The Progress In Today's Education Poem by chandra thiagarajan

The Progress In Today's Education

The hand that feeds is bit
The preceptor who knowledge imparts
Is snubbed, slighted and twit
This is the progress in today’s education.

Good qualities are not sought
Righteousness to the back seat receded
Right knowledge is not got
This is the progress in today’s education.

Character is confined to books
The mind is totally polluted
Morality is not for them—crooks
This is the progress in today’s education.

All actions are based on selfishness
Little thought for other persons
Ethics is lost in the air with fullness
This is the progress in today’s education.

People seek luxurious life –very good
They look about for power and position
They are in quest of wealth as they would
This is the progress in today’s education!

Tirupathi Chandrupatla 10 June 2013

There is so much of progress today. What use is progress if morality and ethics are absent. We need a major reform in society. Thanks for bringing all the frustration in beautiful poem. We need to address all these issues urgently through our educational system.

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Valsa George 11 June 2013

Education is not merely a question of getting grades! It is about creating an environment which reinforces the concepts of self discipline, human values and the acceptance of personal responsibility! A poem exposing the limitations and degadation of present day education! !

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Patricia Grantham 12 June 2013

Sometimes it seem that education is taking a giant step backwards. The more you know the better it is seems to be the norm now. That is not the case always. A good education is important thats's true. But it is more important to use it in a way to the betterment of society and not to laud it in a way as to promote injustice. An excellent write.

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Hans Vr 13 June 2013

Very right Chandra, In many places education is all focused on getting A's only and nothing much more. Our youth is in very much need of inspiration. Good poem.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 14 June 2013

certain percentage of the comfortable youth think that luxury is their birth right, while the economically deprived with good common sense still work hard and try to excel in life. I admire all those hard working soon to be adults. a concerned poem and well written..

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Heather Wilkins 10 July 2013

your last stanza s so telling and so true. a good write

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 21 June 2013

As far as the Education is concerned it should be equal abyss has been created by the present education policy and no one thinks

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Ambrosia A 17 June 2013

So very true Chandra. The way they are trained makes them only literates and fail to be real educated. No humanity.....only race behind money and power.

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Shahzia Batool 16 June 2013

A topsy-turvy situation is going on, and so many factors can be held responsible for this siuation, teachers are underpaid overburdened beings, unable to give time to their own kids even; the approach has been very materialistic, and not towards imparting quality education, women play the role of bread-earners too, so they are not expected to focus on the grooming of the children's personalities. if any education is left anywhere, so media is there to annihilate all the positive struggles in a few effects, down economy, high social pressures are all the reasons of this PROGRESS in the field of education! ! ! you are strong in innuendo here! ! !

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Somanathan Iyer 16 June 2013

A very nice poem. flaws are pointed out. But it is the individual who grasps the content. He takes only that suits his needs, which is supported unlike earlier times.

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