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I'm basically a technocrat, served an international oil Co. and now I'm retd.
Since long I love reading poems of different poets in different genre. I enjoy reading poems and short stories.Truly, very recently I started writing. Because, I found here I can express my feelings & views silently with a freedom. I personally like poems from any genr ...

Amitava Sur Poems

A Drop On A Lotus Leaf

A water bead on lotus leaf -
Shimmering with a glow
But up to that time only
As long is on the leaf.

A Woman

Woman… Woman… o' my loving woman
A woman is by far an Excellency
A woman is like a Baobab tree
A woman can grow to any length


Oh' my dear, the passers by,
I beg you all to listen a while.
I don't beg any food from you
Not even any money.

But I Know

I not know exactly
How much I love you,
But I know that in no way
I can't be without you.

Broken Mirror

With a sudden gush of air, the mirror, hanging on the wall
Was broken into hundreds of pieces.

Collecting all and uniting them back in the frame

Amitava Sur Quotes

14 November 2014

' If you are to rise to a greater height then first you have to know how and when a person falls '. Amitava

27 November 2014

' True love never dies; it's always fresh and fine; it is divine.' Amitava

26 April 2015

It is difficult to live without any love in life But it is next to impossible to live after losing the love.

25 August 2015

You are riding a Time Train which never waits, So do something fruitful right now, you'll get this moment never again. You will be remembered by your deeds only, not by anything else.

12 September 2015

Wrong person on a right chair Is the cause of anything unfair...

Amitava Sur Comments

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Romeo Della Valle 29 December 2013

Amitava Sur is an amazing and spiritually touching poet who has impressed me his high quality and well crafted poems! Even though I haven't made many comments on his works because of my very busy schedule, I had the great pleasure to read some of them and I can only say, AMAZING! Proud I am of having you as a brother and a fellow poet friend! Keep it up! Keep enriching the Poetry World with your thought provoking works! God Bless You! Regards from New York City

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Patricia Grantham 23 October 2013

I have had the pleasure of reading many of Amitava Surs poetry. He writes with words of wisdom and enlightens the soul. His poems touches the heart and puts the reader at ease with his calm and soothing words. Many blessings to him in the world of poetry. My kindest regards. Patricia.

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svdsvds 27 January 2020

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Roseann Shawiak 05 February 2018

Amitava, certainly miss your philosophical poetry here on ph, you are such a great poet. Looking forward to reading you again soon.

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Roseann Shawiak 03 February 2017

Amitava, your are definitely a great poet, but also will remembered as a great philosopher also, your Dad gave you this great gift, please continue to use it wisely throughout your life. Your words have deep meaning, are very insightful, intense and touch others in a way no others could do. Always look forward to your poetry and quotations, Little One. Cannot wait until your English Poetry Book is published here in Phoenix, Arizona, what a wonderful accomplishment that will be! Definitely we will celebrate and toast to your continued success, Amitava! !

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Roseann Shawiak 07 February 2015

Amitava, is a philosopher and a poet, whom I love to read. His poems are always thought-provoking, making me think beyond the normal. Amitava has an innocent and pure wisdom that I believe is innate, his ideas are sublime and very noteworthy throughout the world. He is not afraid to mirror injustice, hatred or prejudice - reflecting the wrongs of humanity in this world, he puts it all out there in his poetry very eloquently and succinctly. Constantly, he is touching my soul with his spirituality and keen sense of life. I pray that God will always bless Him abundantly, Amitava is a first class poet in my book. Will continue to read his poetry with great interest and enthusiasm. Amitava is a very endearing poet with a knowledge of the world around him.

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Akhtar Jawad 09 August 2014

The heart of Amitava a model of love, the brain of Amitava a symbol of morality, the conscience of Amitava a mirror of saints and the poems of Amitava a beauty, a trinity of all the three.

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