Music Box Poem by G J Salgado

Music Box

My dreams are meant to be kept within my mind
Locked into my soul without a body without time
Hidden away into a musical box unheard or unwind
Forever distant from the world's eyes as they are mine

Ones that stay yearn to be free from my imagination
But there is no air for them to breathe upon this planet
They are everything to me my most precious creations
Attached and loved in every way that I cannot forget

I cannot pretend that they are not a part of me
They deserve to live I mustn't allow them to die
Knowing who I am of what they feel and see
I wish I could explain to them exactly why

But I know that they will never understand
Why I had to abandon them all along
I hear the sounds of their music in the wind
Listen to the music under the trees of their song

Hear the voices of all of my lost dreams
Echo throughout in the wind beneath the trees
It is something that the earth cannot hear it remains unseen
As the world turns its back upon the dreams within the music box of me

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: dreaming
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